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Professor Darwin Melloni, Urologist

Darwin Melloni was born in Palermo on 08/18/1950.
He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1975 and he got the degree in Urology in 1978. In 2001 he is nomined Full Professor of Urology.
From 2001 to 2005 he headed the Chair of Urology and the School of Urology at the University of Messina.
From 01/11/2005 he was nomined Full Professor of Urology Professor at the University of Palermo and has directed the School of Urology at the University of Palermo until the end of assignment. In that years, the school was twinned with the most prestigious Urological Schools: the Martin Luther University of Halle (Germany) and the University of Wu Han Tongiji the oldest among the Universities of China.
He has been teacher in the European Board of Urology.
More than half of the scientific production (about 300 publications in national and international journals) covers topics of oncological interest. He has also published books by prestigious publishing houses such as: Plenum Press, New York and London, Brain and Bain and Monduzzi Publisher. He wrote some chapters of oncological topic on treaties published by Piccin, by Utet and EdiSES and chapter entitled "Cystic Pathology" on "Italian Treaty of Urology" published by Utet. Lastly, in order of publication, he published the "Handbook of Urology and Andrology Surgery" drawn up by the College of Professors of Urology currently used in the School of Medicine of the University of Palermo.
His operative resume is particularly copious boasting assets of more than ten thousand endoscopic procedures and thousands of open surgeries. He has been a pioneer in Italy of percutaneous surgery of stones and of orthotopic bladder replacement after radical cystectomy in men and women.
He's one of the few Italian urologists to boast a considerable operative cases of kidney cancer, one of the most challenging procedures.
He was the first urologist in Italy to use the "Green Light Laser" for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy treatment.
The method was as he officially unveiled by him at a press conference at the Press Club of Milan in 2002.
Currently he is able to operate safely very high operative risk, or completely inoperable, patients with the new method called Gel Tx.
He has organized several conferences and live courses, and served as President of annual meetings of the most important scientific societies. Under his presidency, he organized in Palermo the prestigious conference of Euro American Society of Urology previously hosted in Italy only in Rome. Together with the TES (Turkish Endourological Society) he hosted, in Palermo, the Universcope congress.
He is member of several national and international scientific societies. He has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Scientific Societies and Director of the Italian Society of Urology.
Actually is the President of SPEM (School of Permanent Education in Medicine) wich is based in the town of Castelbuono under the aegis of the "Società di Urologia Nuova" (SUN).
He is also the President of MPAU (Marco Polo Association of Urology), a prestigious scientific society created by him to join Italian and Chinese urologists.
The Popular Republic of China wanted to award him with a stamps issue that reproduces him, the Cathedral of Palermo and the Institute of Urology of the University of Palermo.
Since 2010 he is member of the Rotary Club "Palermo Parco delle Madonie".

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