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Welcome to the Gender Team

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) represents the last step of a long path that many people have to undertake in order to overcome their inner conflict between their sexual perception of being men or women and the appearance they desire. This long path is often made difficult by complicated bureaucracy and the narrow-mindedness that is gripping our country.
All members of the Gender Team have dedicated many years of their professional lives to this specialization and, thanks to the wide experience gained, they ensure high quality cares that will lead the patients to the congruence of their biological sex with gender identity.
The SRS will transform the reproductive system so that it complies with the wishes and the mental state of the patient and will make sure that he/she will live a peaceful and happy life with the new sex.
All procedures are performed in complete safety and in our facility.
The treatment of Gender Dysphoria is not the only service offered by the Gender Team. We routinely perform genital reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries aimed to correct and modify the body to bring it to a normal "morphological and functional" condition; we aim to return a physical and psychological wellbeing to patients who request it.


All our medical staff is highly qualified and trained to offer the best to our patients.


The clinic has the best equipments, techniques, innovative methods and instruments to ensure the high quality cares to our customers.


In our services, the watchwords are hospitality, privacy, hygiene and advanced equipments, which ensure the highest quality.